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Upasana Society NGO has adopted a village named Medha near Vajreshwari temple. Volunteers have been visiting S.K Chaudari school for tribal kids since past 6 to 7 years. During our visit we realised the need of basic things that this school lack to provide quality education for the kids. The school did not have benches and necessary teaching aids so that teachers could impart quality education. The kids did not have stationery needed for education.

Upasana Society NGO along with its volunteers provided them with benches, stationery and teaching aids so that the quality of education can improve. We conducted workshops for the teachers about the use of new teaching aids and laboratory apparatus. We even provided them with desktops so that they can have access to technology.

The students from S.K Chaudari school are very talented and have the thirst to learn new things. We can surely see their enthusiasm and rigour in the videos attached below. We are in search of volunteers who can help us spread awareness about our initiative and also spend some time with the kids so that they are more exposed about the outside world.

Upasana Society NGO also conducts small skill based workshops at the school for the students and teachers so that they get an exposure about the new things happening. We also conduct exchange programs where students from different schools in the city visit these kids and share their experiences and knowledge.

Some of the education and training activities carried out by Upasana Society NGO

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