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Education and Skill based training- Upasana Society NGO

Education and Skill based training- Upasana Society NGO


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“Education & Skill based training” –  An initiative that started off with the sole purpose of upgrading S.K Chaudhary tribal School at Medha village has grown exponentially over the past 5 years. Upasana Society NGO now adopts similar underprivileged schools and promotes literacy and skill based training’s in collaboration with various other non profit organizations.

We are sure that during our journey, we will come across like minded volunteers who would like to help us in our respective causes.Let’s get involved! Let’s start TOUCHING HEARTS ALL OVER THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET OF OURS! We are UPASANA SOCIETY…

Join Upasana Society, a beautiful NGO, to help us take our different causes to a next level!

Volunteer can help Upasana Society NGO with:

  1. Being a part of such initiatives.
  2. Tagging along a friend, family member with them.
  3. Spreading awareness about the campaign on social media.
  4. Capturing the event via photographs and video shooting.
  5. Donating for the initiative
  6. Suggestions about how we can carry out such initiatives in a better way by dropping an email to
  7. Write blogs and posts on social media to spread awareness.

Upasana Society NGO Education & Skill based training initiatives are as follows:

  1. Exchange program by school kids with the underprivileged
  2. Diwali diya painting and key chain making by underprivileged
  3. Dance and Art & Craft activities for underprivileged 
  4. Drawing and macrame for underprivileged
  5. Diwali lantern making and drawing for underprivileged 
  6. Exposure to different games for underprivileged 
  7. Art & Craft and dance for underprivileged 

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Those who wish to be a part of this campaign, contact Saurabh Kashalkar – 9769727057 or Dipti- 7045127770


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