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Education and Training

Education and Training


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We have seen a variety of photos and videos circling around various forms of social media that have truly touched our hearts. This leads us to feel sorry for the less fortunate. We also appreciate the efforts of those who have managed to touch other’s hearts and make a difference to this world. Additionally, we have realized how fortunate we are to get the best of education and wish that we could also be one of those whose small actions have helped shape the world for better. However, some of us have never been lucky to take the initiative!

There have been numerous occasions in which we could be of some help to this world and during each of them; we have tried our best to help. We when pursuing our other causes came across a set of people who were keen in learning and getting themselves educated. After a brainstorming session with the volunteers, this particular initiative came into existence.

“Education” – the cause that got us all to come together and start Upasana. An initiative that started off with the sole purpose of upgrading S.K Chaudhary School at Medha village has grown exponentially over the past 5 years. Upasana now adopts similar underprivileged schools. And promotes literacy in collaboration with various other non profit organizations.

We are sure that during our journey, we will come across like minded volunteers who would like to help us in our respective causes.Let’s get involved! Let’s start TOUCHING HEARTS ALL OVER THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET OF OURS! We are UPASANA SOCIETY…

Join Upasana Society, a beautiful NGO, to help us take our different causes to a next level!

All that you have to do is:

1. Let us know if anyone is keen on getting themselves educated.

2. Nominate your friends if they are interested in this particular cause.

3. Try and understand the need of the individual who wants to get himself/herself educated.

4. Like our facebook page so that you are posted with the actvities carried out by the NGO.

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