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“Look Around” is ideated by Abdul R. C and we at Upasana Society NGO work on similar lines . We came across Abdul sometime back and decided to work hand in hand in this area to spread awareness about the different social initiatives.

He has 15 years of experience which involves, CG Supervisor, Vfx Consultant, Mentoring, CG Programming T. D., Film Producer, Writer, Director, Film Editor & finally to what was planned since inception, a ‘Creative Director’.

“Look Around” is a series of short stories, events & documentaries which messages to every human being on this planet to ‘Look Around’ for the righteous, for the truth, for do’s & don’t, for not giving up, from saving trees to saving water to saving every species on this planet. And the most of all, for saving ‘humanity

“Look Around” is an idea which tells you, that things ‘goes wrong’ only when you don’t look around your self, your environment, things goes wrong when you don’t know something, “Look Around” to learn, look around for answers. It’s just two simple sound “Look” “Around” which will echo deep into everyone’s heart & mind to look around for the answers

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To volunteer for the initiatives, you can contact Saurabh Kashalkar- 9769727057 or Dipti Kashalkar- 7045127770