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We have seen myriad photos and videos circling around various forms of social media that have truly touched our hearts. Naturally, this leads us to feel sorry for the less fortunate. We also appreciate the efforts of those who have managed to touch other’s hearts and make a difference to this world. Additionally, we have realized how fortunate we are for all that we have and wish that we could also be one of those whose small actions have helped shape the world for better. However, some of us have never been lucky to take the initiative!

There have been numerous occasions in which I could be of some help to this world and during each of them; I have tried my best to help. One such instance was when I was playing a tennis tournament in Gwalior. In between matches, I noticed a little boy watching us train. I inquired about his family and came to know that his father looked after the maintenance of the courts. They were poor and needed money for their child’s education. When I got my tournament allowance, I added a tad more and offered it to his father so that this little soul could continue receiving a meaningful education.

During another tournament in Mumbai, I happened to notice that the ball boy was without shoes. It was a scorching hot day. Touching the ground with my hands, I could feel them burn. I could not believe that he ran all around the court without any complaint. I was very deeply moved…. After my match, I went with my mother to buy him a pair of shoes.

Yet another incident was when I was in school. Studying about pollution, my friends and I realized our duty to save the environment so we decided to do our bit. After the Ganesh Utsav (a huge Indian festival that involves immersing huge idols in the waters) we visited a local beach to clean the huge mountains of litter.

I am sure you have also been part of such actions. So, would you like to share it with others to motivate them as well? Let’s get involved! Let’s start TOUCHING HEARTS ALL OVER THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET OF OURS! I am UPASANA…

Join Upasana, a beautiful NGO, in its initiative to touch hearts and spread smiles!

–By Riyaa B Vardhaan (Upasana volunteer)

Volunteer can help Upasana Society NGO with:

  1. Being a part of such initiatives.
  2. Tagging along a friend, family member with them.
  3. Spreading awareness about the campaign on social media.
  4. Capturing the event via photographs and video shooting.
  5. Donating for the initiative
  6. Suggestions about how we can carry out such initiatives in a better way by dropping an email to
  7. Write blogs and posts on social media to spread awareness.

Upasana Society NGO Touching heart initiatives are as follows:

  1. Stationery distribution to the underprivileged
  2. Sanitary pad donation
  3. Uniform Donation
  4. Movie outing for Old Age home individuals
  5. Birthday celebration at an orphange

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