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Tracial- Travelling with a social touch

Tracial- Travelling with a social touch


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During our PREKKING (pick up garbage+ trekking) campaign, we came across a lot of individuals who would want to do social work but due to time constraints are unable to do so.

With 5 day a week working schedule, it seems impossible for most of us to think of a travel plan, leave alone social work. Considering these aspects, our travel partners are helping us support the concept of  Unplanned Travel over weekends.

To make it more interesting Upasana Society NGO collaborates with Travel Organizers and adds a social touch to the travel program. Thus a new concept called as “Tracial- Travelling unplanned with a social touch” came into existence.

The whole idea of this collaboration was because of our experience with volunteers during our campaigns.

There have been numerous occasions in which we could be of some help to this world and during each of them; we have tried our best but due to time constraints it has not been possible.

We are sure you have been in such a situation too. So, we came up with this campaign where you can be a part of a travel program, don’t have to look into the planning of it, don’t have to worry about taking a leave as it happens over a weekend and also have a chance to bring about a small positive change in our society that we live in.

How about you being a part of Tracial campaign and help motivate others ? Let’s get involved! Let’s start TOUCHING HEARTS ALL OVER THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET OF OURS!

Upcoming Tracial’s

  • Tracial -W1 (31st August- 3rd September 2018)

First Tracial W1 Experience- CLICK HERE

  • Tracial -C1(28th September- 3rd October 2018) 
  • Tracial -S1 (19th October- 22nd October 2018) 
  • Tracial -W2 (16th Novemer- 19th Novemer 2018) 


Photographs of the campaign:

During our PREKKING (pick up garbage+ trekking) campaign, we came across a lot of individuals who would want to do…

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