October 21, 2016



Recently we came across a situation wherein we found a majority of people in their post 50’s be conscious about their health to stay healthy. We conducted a random survey at different places in the morning to find out that almost 75 % of the crowd belonged to the 50 plus category of people. We felt really proud for them to be so charged up at that age too.

Then we suddenly started thinking about whether, the young of today engaged in any activity for keeping themselves fit and healthy. Our data with respect to the people in their 50’s and further are more charged up to keep themselves fit than our youngsters might be wrong. But this is what we actually saw at a few places in the morning where the presence of older people was more than the younger ones.

Thus we planned to start a campaign known as “ME-YOU-THEM UPASANA HEALTH CAMPAIGN”. This campaign is no competition between the young and the old. This campaign is all about keeping ourselves fit with activity of their choice and once they are confident about bringing about positive change in their health, try and help people around to improve their health.

ME-YOU-THEM UPASANA HEALTH CAMPAIGN” is very simple wherein you just push yourself to be healthy and fit. You can choose your own area (location) and activity (run, walk, gym, yoga, swimming, etc) that you would want to. You can “share your story “about how you pushed your own self and then later got more people doing the activity with you to keep them fit and healthy.

You can send your story with a few photographs to upasana@theupasana.org and we will post it up on our website and blog so that more people can get motivated with different individual experiences.

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