About us

Upasana Society is a non-governmental trust, set up in November 2011 to look into the varying needs of the society. We are registered in Maharashtra under the number F 46530. Our Society Reg. No. is Maharashtra – 1221/2012 GBBSD. We strive towards a positive change in the society to bring about sustainability in all the projects that we do. Our areas of work include education, health awareness, spreading happiness, environment, self-sufficient collaborations with other NGO’s, spreading awareness of co-curricular activities, training and skill development,etc. We work on voluntary basis and like to keep transparency in the work. We like to involve our donors and as many volunteers as possible and bring positive change in the society. Refrain from giving monetary donations to anyone in the name of Upasana Society NGO. Those who wish to donate can do so on the details given on our website or social media platforms only.
Upasana is a volunteer driven NGO. It caters to a wide variety of social causes. It believes that volunteer interest differ from volunteer to volunteer. Volunteers can volunteer based on their interest areas. Individuals from any age group can volunteer. Come join us.
Upasana tries to get like minded volunteers of similar interests together and tries and adds sustainability to its various social causes. As there are different set of volunteers catering to different social causes, each of the social cause runs in parallel to the other.